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Talon Come Fly With Me_cover website

Talon is a series of children’s books, written to encourage all children to know that they can achieve anything by courage and determination.

The books are written in clear, easy-to-understand language that all children can enjoy.



Talon Come Fly with Me reviews:

An amazing story of a little girl with a disability who befriended and trained condors and raised their baby. Matica has a growth impediment. She and her family live in Peru. The Indians don’t understand her disability and either tease her or shun her altogether. This keeps up until she saves the condors egg from poachers. She is deemed a hero and suddenly accepted by the villagers. Matika raises the baby condor to the amazement of the Peruvian Indians and her parents.

Gisela Sidlemayer weaves a tale so compelling that it is hard to put down. TALON, COME FLY WITH ME will appeal to children and adults alike. I enjoyed the story immensely and await a sequel. She personifies the large birds so that the other characters can communicate with them. It is brilliant writing and give this story 5 condor talons.    –   Karen Vaughan

A great review by Jennifer Culbreth for the first novel in the Talon series, TALON, COME FLY WITH ME Book Review: This book is beautifully written, from the first page on I felt as though I could feel the environment, smell the smells, and see the beautiful landscape. The Characters are ones that you fall in love with, when Matica hurts you hurt with her, when she is happy you feel the same excitement. This book captivated me from the start! Great job Gigi in your writing. I feel as though you have touched on some very basic morals, but ones that with the coming of this new era that we live in, have been shadowed out into the distance. I encourage you to give this book a read, it is a great book to share with your family and children. I hope you loved it as much as I did! I look forward to seeing what you present to us in the future!! Thank you for reaching out and sharing your work with me! Jennifer

Talon On the Wing cover website

These books bring to light how one young child learns to deal with being different, shunned by her own community, not accepted because of her lack of height but has the love and support of her parents and brother to keep her strong and guide her. – Fran Lewis

These heart-warming stories are full of love, patience, caring and adventure. Any child that reads these books will be glued to them until the end to find out what happens to Talon. Matica shows great courage in overcoming her disability by thinking and caring about someone else, in this case it happens to be birds. The gentle message of showing children that they can do anything and achieve whatever they set out to do with love, perseverance, and determination is an excellent way to help the young   generation to grow. I whole-heartedly recommend reading all of the Talon books, whether you are child or adult. –  Linda Lycett

Talon Flight for Life cover websiteThis is a fabulous series. There are so many special needs children, living today in a world largely unaware they exist. Books like this are genuinely needed to promote awareness of kid’s like Matica, the books little heroine.

I loved reading Talon. It’s a book full of optimism, joy and promise, and top marks indeed to Gisela Sedlmayer for writing it.  Paris Portingale, Author




Talon Connected cover websiteTalon, Connected is book four in the Talon series.

Matica’s adventures continue. She discovers how close she is with her condors as her father recovers, and find out one of her friends more than just likes her…

If you would like to read all of Gigi’s interviews and reviews, you will find them on her Facebook page.



TALON, ENCOUNTER is the fifth book in the series.

The poachers are back and like to capture or kill Talon for revenge.

Will they succeed?

Talon 5-Encounter front cover copy

on March 2, 2016

The Talon series has been quite exciting to read and nice to follow the maturing of the young heroine Matica and also the comfort that the condors are finding amongst the villagers and vice versa.

This story of Talon, Encounter becomes quite exciting as the poachers return and the Indians inability to deal with them.

So interesting I did not wish to put the book down so I was a book worm for a coupe of days.

Praise goes to the wonderful imagination of the author Gigi Sedlmayer and thanks also for getting us involved in this ongoing series that is obviously bringing pleasure to us all. Thank you Gigi Sedlmayer.

28 Responses to TALON, COME FLY WITH ME

  1. John Hanley says:

    Gigi, this is really fascinating and I love the photographs.

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  2. Thank you Gig, for your adventurous tales of courage and confidence, written with passion as broad as the condor’s wings. What a wonderful message of hope for our world’s youth!


  3. Your website is VERY NICELY DONE.


  4. J.M. Griffin says:

    Tweeted for you and also followed

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  5. I’m so excited to find you! ❤ Our youngest daughter, Bethany, has down syndrome and I'm always looking for books to read together that would encourage and inspire her. I can't wait to get started!


    • Hi Akismet,
      Thank you so very much much for sharing with me. That is so wonderful. Please let me know what Bethany, your daughter, thinks of my story. I believe she will enjoy them very much.
      I am just letting the 4th novel in the Talon series publish. It’s called: TALON, CONNECTED and I am writing at the 5th. TALON, HUNTING THE HUNTER. I believe she would love them as well.
      Thank you again.
      Kind regards


  6. Betsy says:

    Great site, Gigi. I just shared in on FB. Hope more children read as a result of this series. Alas, too old for my two-year-old grandson, but in the future…


  7. Hi Gigi, your stories are as beautiful and brave as you. Kharis Macey


  8. Kay Bushnell says:

    Congratulations on a great page, Gigi. Your wonderful Talon series deserves no less!
    Is Amazon the best way to order them?
    Regards always, Kay


  9. I love the page Gigi. It is beautiful. I cannot wait to start reading book 3. I am quite looking forward to it. All the Best,


    • Thank you Charlene. Much appreciated. And thank you for reading and reviewing my 3. novel in the Talon series, TALON, FLIGHT FOR LIFE.
      Looking forward to get it.


  10. Hi, Gigi. I’m working on finalizing your MEET THE AUTHOR interview on my blog at http://www.4writersandreaders.com I’m now following you and hope you enjoy the post and follow back. It’s been a pleasure working with you! Bette


  11. Hi Gigi,
    Your page looks wonderful, congratulations and compliments indeed!
    Boyko Ovcharov


  12. diane pepper smith says:

    I have personally reviewed two of the Talon series and I can’t recommend the whole series highly enough. They are heart warming and books that the whole family can enjoy. They are two of the most interesting books I’ve had the pleasure to read.


    • Hi Diane,
      Thank you so very much. But Diane, I have not seen the review for the second book. would it be possible you write it up for me again or post it on amazon.com?
      Thank you again so very much.


  13. yefulkay says:

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    d. The benefits of kindness and obeying basic rules
    e. How to reason well and find answers to problems
    f. Parenting and parenthood
    g. Psychological and physiological development of group of people in a geographical area
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    Reviewed by Maxwell Kobina Acquah – ‘Yefulkay’(www.about.me/yefulkay and http://www.facebook.com/mkacquah)

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