Reviews by Boyko Ovcharov (Bulgaria) for the first 3 novels in the Talon series.

Come Fly and Soar with Me, October 2, 2013
This book is definitely worth reading not only by young adults, but all people who want to achieve their life goals and lead a meaningful existence. I am not quite sure this story was based on a real-life case or not, but it definitely has a moral, presented in an amazing natural form. The adventures of the ‘little’ girl, that is, the protagonist, could surely convey some deep concerns about our human side, reason, open-mindedness and overall conscientious development. The story is both adventurous and profound, specific and universal. Either way, it is enjoyable and unforgettable. The latter you may experience yourself.
***** stars

1) By Boyko Ovcharov (Bulgaria)
On the Wing of Your Dreams, October 4, 2013
This particular volume of the Talon series is pretty positive, inspirational and uplifting. The metaphors represented by great birds of the condor species, wings and flights are also very powerful, memorable and suggestive in a good sense. At first glance, the reader may think this story is quite obvious and straightforward.
However, if you try to read between the lines and explore the hidden messages of the book, you will really learn to enjoy the hard way to happiness and love; explore new opportunities in life, regardless of age; develop your true potential and perhaps attain your dreams.
Moreover, this narrative might help both children and their parents understand each other better and ‘grow’ together in their family relationships. Whereas, oftentimes, their respective roles are being swapped somehow, for better or worse.
Overall, I would like to say that this story is certainly very up-to-date and at the same time also fairly timeless, especially because of its pervasive human side.
***** stars

Talon, flight for life
1) By Boyko Ovcharov (Bulgaria)
Flight and Fight for Life, October 3, 2013
In fact, this amazing author keeps surprising me with her innocent narrative, first-hand accounts, lively description and positive outlook on life amidst terrible circumstances.
One thing that really struck me in her biography was her successful life struggle with cancer some time ago, which I profoundly admire, especially when reminiscing upon my late mother’s destiny.
I also deeply respect people who have seen a lot in their lives, travelled around the world and immersed themselves into various cultures. One could definitely learn so many things from their wisdom.
In that respect, I was intrigued to know more about fossicking and I certainly have found some treasures for myself in Matica’s adventures.
Finally, I am sure you will find yours here as well.
***** stars





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