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Saturday, January 14, 2012 Talon, Come Fly With Me

Matica is a nine–year–old girl trapped in a two–year–old’s body. Because of her stunted growth, the local Indians in Peru shun her and won’t let their children have anything to do with her.

Because of this, Matica doesn’t have any friends except her parents, her four-year-old brother and the animals at her home in the Peruvian mountains. She’s constantly feeling sorry for herself and is sure she’ll be friendless for the rest of her life…until she makes friends of a different sort. She befriends two condors.

The condors take little Matica’s mind off herself as she helps them more and more. This especially happens when they lay an egg and two poachers snatch it. From there on in Matica does things that she has never done before. Matica has developed a special bond with the condors and rescues their egg from the poachers!


I was highly impressed with Talon, Come Fly With Me. This book would be great for readers of any age. The author shows just what a physically challenged person can do when they quit being afraid. It also shows that despite of your handicap, you can do things you previously thought impossible. Not only that but I loved how you learned about condors without knowing it and that they’re near extinction and at the mercy of poachers.

To learn more about Gigi Sedlmayer and Talon, Come Fly With Me just visit her website at:

You can purchase this entertaining but educational book at several places. You can pick this book up at, or in either kindle or paperback formats. You can also pick this up in the paperback format at or


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  1. Kev says:

    Great review, well done, Gigi!


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