Quotes from my Talon books

If you don’t know how to go on in life, whatever it might be, even if you have a disability, find a “condor”. That is what Matica did in my book, TALON, COME FLY WITH ME. Now she can handle every obstacle. And then she was loved by everyone, not rejected anymore.

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Curious as he was, the condor dropped down to Matica as usual, but he wouldn’t catch the food. Instead he passed her with an elegant swoop. It was as if a hurricane went over her. It also appeared to her as if the whole sky parted and let him through and that she was blown on the wind of the universe, that he was the wind. Such thoughts went through her mind in seconds, too fast for her to really grasp what was happening.

Observing the scene for a while, she finally made out two climbing, dark figures. She growled, ‘Long, black hair and black overalls. Yes, they’re the same ones, but I can’t see the beige bag they had last year in which to carry the egg. That would mean – yes!’ she shouted. ‘I was right! They have only come for a look. In that case, we have time to help my birds.’ She gritted her teeth angrily. ‘So, they were shooting at other animals before. Which animals? I guess we will never find out.’

She watched the poachers climbing higher and…

Quote from my book ‘Talon, come fly with me

She watched the poachers climbing higher and higher. They had nearly reached Tima.

‘Tima, do something!’ Matica said in a harsh whisper.

One of the dark figures lifted one arm. Bang! The shot pierced the still air. Tima flew up into the sky.

Sick with worry for them, Matica yelled, ‘Don’t you dare shoot my birds!’

Matica’s mother had told her that she was special, but the teasing from the Indians (in Peru) aggravated her a lot.

Don’t let yourself aggravate from the teasing of others. It’s not worth it.

Quotes from my second book: TALON, ON THE WING:

‘Size is nothing. The heart is all that counts. And you have the best, softest and most caring heart I ever have encountered. Because of your heart, you survived the hardship the Indians have put you through.’

Matica smiled. ‘Thank you, Amos.’

“Lack of knowledge can do so much damage, cause so much pain.”

“But now they slowly understand that disability is not a sickness or whatever else they thought I have.”

Her eyes clouded over when she continued. ‘Well, in a way they have told me, I know. But again, it is only now because of Talon. I see.’

He could hear bitterness in her voice.

‘Do not judge them and do not let it bug you. They did not know better. I thought you knew that. We still have to learn and understand not to reject unexplained things but help that person.”

“Be you, yourself, be happy again. Don’t let life pass by you. Don’t look back, look into the bright future. The future is as bright as the promise of God. Smile – it’s the most beautiful attire.”

“I can do it. These four words are the most power-filled words.”

“Self-pity is a useless emotion.”

“Self-pity can ruin one’s life.”

“Love and acceptance for each other, without boundaries.”

“If she’s hurt when she hears your decision then she wasn’t your friend. She must let you go, for now. She must understand and respect your feelings.”

“Don’t say negative words. They don’t help you.”

Quotes from my third book: TALON, FLIGHT FOR LIFE

“The earth is dancing round the yellow ball and the yellow ball is following her lead.”

Quote from my third book: TALON, FLIGHT FOR LIFE

“Not all down passages lead to a river.”

Quote from my third book: TALON, FLIGHT FOR LIFE:

“The forest was bursting with life and Matica could hear it all, she was a part of it now.”

“Passing fern trees and palm trees, Crayn walked on briskly but couldn’t help himself shaking his head all now and then. He just couldn’t get it in his head and couldn’t believe how the birds react, how the birds behave and how they act. Are they really birds, or are they disguised humans?”

Quote from the fourth book:

“We do not understand God’s way. Often when we pray it turns out to be completely different, as you have expected it to be. But God is there, no matter where we are, no matter how fare we travel in any one of billion directions, God is there. Even more astounding is that the God of heaven and earth revolves this universe around you! You are more valuable to Him than all the brilliance of His creation. You are the lost coin of great value, the reason for His love and affection.”


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